Brake Relining Services & vehicle parts


Below you can find our A to W list of services and products:

A. Airline fittings, Airline hose, Airbrake hose, Airbrake equipment, Airline suziesRyedale Brakes (Malton) in house facilities

B. Brake linings, pads, shoes, pad fitting kits, shoe fitting kits, fluid, cables, spanners, brake hoses, adjusters, brake cleaner, brake pipe nuts (car and comm)

C. Clutch kits, covers, plates, bearing, m / cylinders & kits, sl / cylinders & kits, cables, copper crease, copper tubing, c.v. crease, compression fittings, carb cleaner, coil springs 

D. Discs, Drums, Diaphragms, CD/150/175 Cares, Detergent

E. Exhausts mountings & caskets & clamps, Steel tubing, Engine mountings

F. Filters, Fan belts, Flex, Exhaust pipe, Fuel hose (rubber)

G. Grease, Gasket Paper, Grease guns, Gasket sealant

H. Hydraulic hose & fittings, Heater hose, Handcleaner

Ryedale Brakes (Malton) stock

I. Industrial clothing (to order), Instant gasket

J. Jubilees

K. Kio tubing brake pipe

L. Loctite products, Landrover parts, L.H.M. fluid, Leaf springs (to order)

M. Mintex products

N. Nylon tubing & fittings

O. Oil (valvoline)

P. Petroflex, PCL fittings, Polish, Paper hand wipes

Q. Quick release fittings

Ryedale Brakes (Malton) stock

R. Radiator hose, Straight lengths, Convulated lengths, Coils radiator hoses 90% bends 

S. Shock absorbers, Steering & suspension joints, Steering rack boots, Superflue

T. Timing belts, Tailgate gas struts

U. Universal joints (car & comm)

V. Valvoline by products (Silicone spray, 1299 cockpit spray, Carb cleaner, Brake cleaner, Bumbertshine, Turbo polish, Engine cleaner tectyl, Bodysafe ML), Van delivery service

W. Work boots (to order), Wheel bearing kits, Wire brushes